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My name is Francisco, was born in Mexico where I lived for 24 years. After university I co-founded a small software house company offering services to the textil industry. In the spring of 2003 a work opportunity allowed me to move to Italy where I worked as a Software Engineer for an IT Consultancy company for 3 years, during which, I gained experience in Enterprise and Web development. I currently live in London England, I work for a digital agency as a Senior Software Engineer leading high-profile projects for key clients within the publishing industry.

Academic Background

In 2002 I graduated as a Software Engineer from the Institute of Technology of Puebla in Mexico. A year later I decided to study a Master Degree of Business Administration, which I couldn't finish due to a work opportunity abroad. I have used Scrum as an agile project management framework for the past 3 years and got certified as Scrum Master in November 2008.

Technical Skills

Business Skills


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